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NOTE: Only to be ordered per box with 4 bags or Superstarter XXL lighters.

You can buy Superstarter XXL fire-up production blocks very cheaply here, for less  than 15 cents per production block ( € 4.99 per bag / per box or 4 bags € 19.95)

Easily create your oak firewood? With these XXL lighters from, it is very easy to light your kindling or  oak firewood  . Place a number of lighting blocks between your kindling wood, light them and the rest will come naturally. The brown lighters or Fire-Up are very easy to use, experience it for yourself!

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Jumbo Lighters

Superstarter XXL fire-up lighters ( note> 4 bags or 34 pieces ), indispensable in the summer for your fire pit and in the winter for your stove. This ecological firelighters that extremely long burn or, Kindle can easily and quickly your kindling on. Order your super starter XXL lighters (1 box with 4 bags or 34 pieces) or the brand Fire-Up easily and quickly online.

The production cubes are facts in a row

  • 136 pieces of XXL super starter jumbo lighters.
  • 0.166 eurocents per XXL super starter light block.
  • 1 box with 4 bags or jumbo lighters.
  • € 4.99 per bag of 34 pieces.
  • Composed or unprocessed softwood and high-quality vegetable oil.
  • Place the lighting cubes ON the charcoal or UNDER the lighting wood.
  • Light the blocks on the fracture side.
  • Burn time approx. 18-20 minutes.
  • Unlimited shelf life without deterioration in quality.

The environmentally friendly and brown lighters from Fire-Up consist exclusively of organic materials. FSC certified softwood impregnated with a well-considered mix of natural oils and fats. Many Fire-Up production products are completely CO2 neutral due to the fact that the CO2 emission after combustion is equal to the absorption of CO2 from the atmosphere as a result of new biomass growth. Fire-Up is a leader in sustainable and organic preparation products. The light cubes are fully compostable and made from biomass (wood fibers and vegetable oil). Ideal to light the wood stove, fireplace or barbecue in an environmentally friendly way!


Fire & BBQ

More and more articles come within the fire & bbq category . Do not forget to order the topper for while barbecuing, the fly-away by, undisturbed flying free eating outside! Our home garden bloggers also have some nice pieces, check them out > blog  about  oak firewood .

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